"Some people have a natural talent for healing and Colleen is one of those people, I studied Reiki myself and highly recommend her!'

- Paula, Norwalk, CT

"The enlightening power of Reiki helped me balance my spiritual energy, increase my self-confidence, and gave me the right mindset to nail an important job interview and radically advance my career within two weeks."

- Michael, Norwalk, CT

"I recently had my first one-hour session with Cie; afterwards, I felt accepting of feelings I had been trying to avoid. Instead of ignoring problems, I finally wanted to do something about them -- and felt confident that I could make changes. I have another one-hour session booked for next week and it's safe to say that I will be a regular client!"

- Jessica, Stamford, CT

"Every session I have had with Colleen has left me feeling much more balanced and at peace. She is very talented at working with energy and truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her services!"

 - Distance Healing Client, Tacoma, WA

"I have many different emotions, sensations, and energies that arise during my reiki sessions.  But because Colleen provides such a relaxing environment, it is not overwhelming to feel these sensations. I liken it to rafting down a long river.  You are safe in your boat as the water gently moves you along. And while you’re on your journey, you take in everything that you see, hear and feel while remaining completely relaxed.  

In my first session, I had some energy that became unblocked in the upper part of my body. And the only way I can describe the sensation is to say that it felt like my mind took a deep breath.   It felt as if, while she was working on my head, neck and shoulders, that a portal of light was released at the crown of the head and I could literally feel the energy moving and releasing.   I remember laughing because it was such a good sensation and almost tickled.  

I have also had some emotions arise.  Sometimes something more sad will come up or sometimes I laugh a little during our sessions.  It’s my body and spirit’s way of just releasing some of the energy that has been moved around or unblocked.   And it’s ok to feel whatever you feel during your sessions. Colleen has a beautiful way of navigating through that and encouraging you to just release whatever comes up.  

Colleen has such an incredibly patient, calm, relaxing and peaceful energy about her.   You can literally feel that while you’re working together.  

I would recommend Colleen to anyone who is interested in Reiki.  Just go.  Just go and see what it’s all about. She will help you to have a better understanding of what the practice is and offer a safe and loving environment for you to explore.  You are in good hands when you are with Colleen."

- Nicole, Lagrangeville, NY


“Selling houses has never been harder. Thank you, Colleen, for giving my recent listing its extra-welcoming edge. The house felt so much more inviting after your visit. From now on a visit from you will be at the top of my must do for all my new listings. (P.S. The house just closed within 5% of asking!) ”

— Manager of Greenwich, CT real estate firm

"Our family recently transition from being a three-generation household to a virtual empty nest and, after the moving trucks left, I found myself distracted by the lingering energy of my loved ones (a major issue for a writer). What to do? Call Colleen and ask for a space-clearing. The energy shift in our home was palpable immediately—where the air had been practically vibrating, there was now a sense of calm (and the whole house smelled so good!). My productivity increased and my husband and I were able to embrace the quiet that had seemed like nothing but emptiness. The tranquility is so notable that I plan on having Colleen come back for regular energy cleansing — it's like spring cleaning for the soul."

- Elizabeth, Norwalk, CT