Reiki Sessions:

A deeply relaxing one-hour Reiki session in a cozy, comfortable room. This profoundly relaxing experience allows for gentle reintegration of mind, body and spirit, and supports your body's own natural capacity for healing.  

Each visit begins with a brief consultation to determine the intention or direction of the session. During the session, clients remain fully clothed and either lay down or are seated comfortably. Using a light touch, I position my hands on (or just above) the body to share Reiki. 

Included with every Reiki session is a take-home bottle of flower essences for your use between sessions. Essences are often also incorporated into Reiki sessions to encourage flow, help facilitate a shift, and help things 'stick'. Occasionally, teas, herbs or other bits of wisdom may be imparted.

Price - $95


Receive your custom-tailored blend of soul-soothing flower essences; an energetic garden for your specific emotional imbalances. Through the approximately hour-long interview process, and selecting from a large library of essences, I will identify supportive flower essences for your current situation as well as your specific core issues. Flower essences are the perfect partner for life's ups, downs and transitions, and they are a beautiful complement to any other wellness protocol (especially Reiki).  Consultation includes a 1 oz. bottle, which will last approximately one month if used as recommended. Can be done in person or via email/phone or Skype.

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* Formula adjustments are $25 (or included free with a Reiki session). Refills are $12.

New Client Form and Policies:  Click here to read my policies and to download the new client form.

Fair Exchanges:  Pricing may be adjusted to arrive at a fair exchange for seniors, students, unemployed persons, or those living with a chronic illness, disability or other financial difficulty.  This must be discussed in advance.

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