I am a Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner and Sister Circle facilitator with a studio located at the Sono Healing Collective in Norwalk, CT.

I have been studying and practicing Reiki since 2012.  My practice offers the unique benefit of combining Reiki energy work with the application of customized flower essence formulas.

One of my abilities as a highly sensitive person is that I am able to put myself in another person’s shoes, and to see situations from many perspectives. I have always been a person who enjoys taking care of others and I naturally gravitate towards a caretaker’s role. I believe that relating heart-to-heart and being truly present with another person is as powerful and healing as any other technique that I have learned.

In my experience, I have seen that what goes on with our minds and spirits directly affects our bodies. With the understanding that a human being is so much more than their physical body, finding equilibrium within our mind, body and spirit (and in our lives) would be one of the essential keys to wellness.

Finding and maintaining this sense of inner balance has been one of the greatest challenges of my life (and, I believe, of our time as well). It is human nature to overdo it in one area of life in order to compensate for something we feel is lacking in another. None of us is immune to today’s pressures and unrealistic, unsustainable standards.

In 2012, I began my studies in Reiki energy with the intention of performing self-treatments and keeping in balance, but also felt inspired to share this transformative gift with others. In the next couple of years, I completed Reiki levels 1 and 2, Advanced Reiki Training and my Mastership, which enables me not only to help clients but to teach and pass on this gift to others. And, although I can and do give myself Reiki, I also treat myself to sessions from other Reiki practitioners -- each time, an opportunity for deep relaxation, while simultaneously having my energetic “reset button” pushed.

Although I had been working with flower essences intuitively for a number of years, amassing quite a collection and sharing them with friends and family, I wanted to be able to confidently integrate them into my Reiki practice and make recommendations to clients. I went back to school and became a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner in January of 2016.

My holistic practice offers the unique benefit of combining Reiki energy healing with the power of flower essences, which gently address the mental and emotional aspects of a person’s well being, and, I believe, are the perfect complement to a Reiki session. For every ‘negative’ within us, there is a corresponding flower essence that will work to subtly evoke within us the ‘positive’ counterpart, and gently guide our spiritual, mental or emotional self to balance. Flower essences are completely safe and work beautifully in conjunction with any and all other healing modalities.

My 203 Reiki studio is part of the Sono Healing Collective in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m glad you found me!